November 5, 2008

November in the Woods

Saturday November 1st, 2008 - Sunday November 2nd, 2008
My friend, Beata the Dragonfly Tamer, came to visit Rock Pile Ridge for the first time. She stayed in our little cabin with us for the night, and was our very first bunky guest. We got to the property before Jared, so I took her on a little tour of the area. First I made her sit on a chair on our deck, which almost proved to be a mistake because once she sat down she didn't want to get up again. Finally I managed to drag her over to The Rock, and took her up on the ledge. After she took in the view, I dragged her around to the other side to show her where we plan on building our larger cabin in the future. She loved the area, and kept pointing out things to me, like Gorilla Rock (she saw the Gorilla right away). After I let her hang out for a bit, we went for a walk along the muddy road to BrownTown and back again to the ridge along the path between the two properties. She wanted to go up on the cliff by the road, which I had never been on, so we climbed up and took in the view. I looked under rocks for snakes or whatever else lurked there, but didn't find anything. After the tour, we went back to the campsite and hung out. Once she got on a comfy reclining chair, all she wanted to do was watch the birds at the feeders while I made a big campfire.

Jared showed up later in the afternoon with some food for us (we were starving!) but he had to go into town to get a few more supplies. After he left we had a visitor at camp. It was Blacky. He was just sitting on a log in the woods watching us. He looked a little sleepy and we watched him yawn and stretch when he got up to come closer. He hopped up on Fox Rock and sat there for a while just hanging out with us. I noticed he was watching the birds fying around. After about 20 minutes, he trotted away into the forest, and Jared missed the whole thing. However, I did get quite a few pictures of our fox, and since it was still daylight, most of them turned out pretty good.

In the evening we had a huge bonfire and ate a really great dinner that both Jared & Beata made together. Blacky came back again, which is rare for him to make more than one brief appearance a weekend, and this time he hung out underneath the bird feeders eating all the seeds the birds had dropped. He didn't mind our presence at all, unless we made a sudden movement. A little mouse was hanging around the firepit, so we set out a trap and got it. We left it on a rock for something to find and eat.

Sunday morning we ate a huge breakfast and then Beata packed up her stuff to go back home. Jared and I hung around until the afternoon and spent most of our day cleaning up the campsite. We stacked all our wood on the old tent platform and tarped it for the winter. I raked out the cave and organized it, and raked the campsite to clean it up so I wouldn't have to do it in the spring. We got together all the stuff that we didn't need so we could make a trip to the dump with it. After we were done the campsite looked amazing. The 2 Blue Jays came for a feast at the feeder, and we saw a really cool fight with one of the birds and our red squirrel. The squirrel won, and the blue jay took off. The dead mouse wasn't eaten, so we left under the feeder for Blacky to find. My gardens are looking great even though the plants are going to sleep for the winter. My Judd Virburnum has turned a gorgeous purple-red colour and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will survive the winter and continue to add beauty to my shrub border.