April 6, 2008

Sunshine and Snow

Jared and I took a day trip yesterday to see what was going on at Rock Pile Ridge. The warm temperatures had softened the snow quite a bit but there is still a lot of it. We made the mistake of trying to walk back in to the campsite without our snowshoes. After a tiresome walk sinking up to our knees in snow, Jared returned to the truck to get our snowshoes. About an hour after I filled the bird feeders a bunch of extremely noisy Black-capped Chickadees showed up to fight over the sunflower seeds. We took down the suet feeder and replaced it with another seed feeder. We attempted to cut up some of the debris in our campsite and made a little progress but there's still too much snow to really clean it up. We took a bit of a break to go for a little walk in the woods where we followed what looked like fresh lynx footprints. We also saw some moose tracks.

It was so warm we had to hang up our jackets. We forgot to bring sunblock so we both got sunburns on our faces. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the sun reflecting off the snow was blindingly bright. We were happy to hang out by a small campfire and just enjoy the beautiful weather and each other's company. Hopefully the next time we go up the snow will be gone and we can continue working on our bunky. I also can't wait to see the bulbs that I planted in autumn blooming in the next month.