February 18, 2008

Family Day Weekend

This weekend we celebrated Jared's birthday. We drove up on Saturday and the snowmobile trail was well-groomed and very busy. We had brought up suet cakes and sunflower seed for our birds but there wasn't any activity in our woods. There was approximately 2-3 feet of snow and Jared got to break in his new 30" PowdeRidge snowshoes. He gave them a thumbs up for being well-made and having good bindings. I am going to upgrade mine to the 25" model because the snowshoes I currently own have cheap plastic bindings and icy snow sticks to the teeth on the bottom. We stayed overnight at the little cabin in BrownTown (the property next to ours owned by family members) and discovered that the birds were hanging out over there. It was a really fun night. We had a big bonfire, ate some bear sausage and drank slushy beer.

On Sunday morning we all went for a snowshoe hike in the woods through the two properties. It was raining pretty steadily so it wasn't a really great day for that activity. We probably should have left sooner than we did because by the time we got to where the truck was parked, the road was covered in a sheet of ice. The drive that would normally take about 20 minutes took almost 2 hours. Having bags of sand in the back of the truck was a huge benefit since we had a lot of trouble getting up a few of the hills. We even managed to get stuck in a snowbank at one point. We were really grateful that our family left just after we did and if it wasn't for their help we probably would have been stuck there for a long time. This week I am going to buy some tire chains so that we are better prepared in the future. Hopefully the next time we go up the weather will be much nicer.