January 12, 2008

Wind Storm Aftermath

Today we took a day trip to survey the damage from the fierce wind storm we had earlier this week. It was also our first visit since November 10th, so we were anxious to get there.

When we walked into our campsite it looked like a disaster area. We had a clump of 4 dead trees near The Rock that drops bits and pieces on a regular basis. Last winter one of these trees had fallen, and now this wind storm had knocked over 2 of the remaining trees. The result was extremely messy, and we now have a lot of cleanup work ahead of us. The good news, it saves us from having to cut them down and now we have an abundance of dry kindling and firewood. We cleaned up some of it, and made a little campfire to keep us warm.

The birds had been waiting for us. From the moment we got there, we heard the calling of the chickadees and nuthatches, and saw them landing on the empty bird feeders as if telling us that we needed to fill them up again. So before we even got to the business of cleaning up the fallen tree, we tended to our feathered friends. We filled one of the feeders with sunflower seed and took down the other one to replace with our 5 star suet feeder. It's 5 star because it was modified to hold 5 suet cakes. It didn't take long for the birds to gorge themselves on the greasy treat. We had two hairy woodpeckers hammering away on our dead trees, but they didn't come to our suet feeder while we were there. The only other signs of wildlife were some old moose tracks crossing through our campsite, and a red squirrel that was very skittish and watchful.

We tried out our new Cobra LI 6500 2-way radios, and so far we think they work really great. Jared hiked to the back of our property and I walked down the road. We had great reception in hilly, rocky terrain. The radios have a range of 40km, but I'm not sure of the furthest distance we were at. There were a couple of trees down on the road, one had a diameter of about 2 feet and the other was a large evergreen. Both of these will definitely have to be cleared. There were also some trees that had been knocked down in the woods, but nothing too major. We were just thankful that nothing had been severely damaged.