December 31, 2007

Our Third Year

2008 will be our third year at Rock Pile Ridge.

We will be writing about our property on a regular basis, sharing our stories and experiences. Some of our interests that we will be writing about include:

  • Wildlife sightings and birdwatching
  • Fishing
  • Forest management and rehabilitation
  • Gardening in Zone 4b
  • Camping and campfire cooking
  • Building a bunky/cabin
  • Creating music with whatever instruments are available

We hope that others with similar interests, or in a similar situation, may benefit from the information we share - and perhaps even offer suggestions to give us a helping hand.

So come visit us at Rock Pile Ridge and see the beauty we have come to love.

Our Second Year

2007 was a more productive year. Mother Nature seemed to bless us with beautiful weather, and thanks to some forest management early in the spring, the sunlight poured into our campsite. We still had some occasional bad weather, and I'm not one to be scared of lightning or thunder but in a tent at night it's very scary. We didn't see our fox anymore, but tamed a couple of squirrels and chipmunks. The bird feeder we put up in 2006 finally got some action, and now we have birds coming from everywhere. They fly so fast you have to be careful you don't accidentally hit them out of the air. I love when they mistake me for a tree and land on me, or when they take seeds from my hand. I can spend hours just watching the birds.

We made some major improvements on our campsite. We had some help building stone steps and I created tiered gardens. Suddenly our campsite became a destination instead of just a place in the woods. We also got serious about building a cabin, or at least a bunky so we could get out of the tent. It took us a long time by hand, but we finally cleared off a large area of bedrock. We were even able to pour three footings before the weather got too cold. It is our plan to finish our footings and get our piers up in spring 2008, so we can build a 10x8 bunky during the summer.

Our First Year

2006 was an extremely difficult year, and we were forced to toughen up really fast. It rained all the time, and anyone who has camped in the rain knows it's not fun. This was also the year that Hurricane Ernesto blew through the woods and threatened to snap the trees like matchsticks. Sometimes you just wish you had a cabin.

Despite the weather, we did have some interesting times, and we even had some wildlife visit us on some occasions. A red fox used to hang around and check us out if we were making noise, and the odd chipmunk or squirrel would get mad if we invaded its territory. One time a small black bear came crashing through the woods, but vanished quietly when it caught our scent. Some trees in our campsite were removed to minimize competition and create better air flow. We built a permanent firepit and I even attempted to make a garden.

The Beginning

We purchased Rock Pile Ridge in May 2006. We had no plans to buy land but the opportunity came up and we couldn't resist, especially after we found the property stakes and knew The Rock would be ours. The best part was that the property next to us was already owned by relatives, so we knew there would be good times ahead.